Randall Knives

W.D. (Bo Randall) started making his first knives back before WWII, initially for the outdoorsman and then as word spread about the Randall Knife, servicemen asked Bo Randall if they would make them knives that were a quality well built knife that could stand up to severe climate conditions and rugged field use. As time progressed many avid sportsmen and the Military became more familiar with the knives made by Bo Randall. His knives were well built, simple in design and made to be used. It can be said that Randall started the era of “hand crafting” knives and patterned their designs around a basic philosophy of high quality, usability and outstanding customer service. While there are many knife makers in the industry, Randall made knives stand as the overall leader and benchmark for the new generation of knife makers. Randall is quite unique in its product offering as their designs and options change little over the years. As we see many changes occur all around us with products and services, Randall for the most part remains unchanged in its product offerings. The Randall “Quality”, from the edge-holding ability of the steel they use to the overall appearance of a Randall is un-matched. A Randall knife is not only a very functioning tool (Bo Randall’s main objective was to design a tool to be used in the field) but a work of art. Many Randall knives have found their way into large collections, and will most likely stay there for many years.

It is amazing to look at some of the older Randalls made by Bo and Gary Randall to see how value has been maintained over the years. In many cases an item that is used ultimately depreciates down to a certain value, may hit a plateau or continue to lose value as time and continued use persist. Randall knives are unique as time adds value and rather than depreciation they continue to appreciate in value. I know many Randall Knife collectors that consider collecting Randall knives as one of their primary investments, and the older ones in reasonable condition continue to appreciate in price.

I bought my first Randall knife just after leaving the service. It was about 1969 and I paid $50.00 for a #3 with a 6” carbon steel blade. I thought I was crazy paying that much for a knife, when you could go to most hardware or sporting goods stores and get a knife for under $10.00. I used that knife extensively on many hunting trips, kept the blade lightly oiled, did not store it in the sheath and today that knife would have a much higher value than the amount I originally paid for it.

There are now many good knife makers out there that have taken up the art and make high quality (hand made) knives, Jim Behring, Treemman Knives and Ed Martin, Martin Tactical Knives, are a few of the ones I have had personal experience with and can attest that their workmanship and quality is top-notch.

In the field I have carried a Randall as do my sons. We have come to the conclusion that a quality knife is an extremely important tool and should command the same respect and selection as a fine firearm. There is one fact that cannot be disputed about a Randall knife, they hold their edge and it was not uncommon that I could gut and skin 4-5 deer or antelope without touching the edge. For that peace of mind I will always carry a Randall Knife. Randalls are not cheap to buy and the wait time can be long. Gary and his small team do not mass produce these knives and they decided long ago that they would not expand their operation to push out more knives even though the wait times have increased. Randall Knives was not going to sacrifice high quality and customer service for quantity. That explains why a Randall knife ordered today could take up to 4 years to get. If you are interested in purchasing a Randall knife and not waiting the 4+ years then check out our inventory as we do post them for sale when they become available. One benefit to ordering a knife you can actually see, what you see is exactly what you will get. With stag handled knives, color, graining and shape vary as the products are all natural Sanbar Stag. If you order a knife and wait the 4+ years you will never know what the stag will look like until you received the knife. Buying one from our site eliminates all the guess work and potential disappointment and wait time; Expensive – Yes; High Quality – The Highest; Durable and field tested – Outstanding overall performance you can always count on!

There are others knife makers that make good knives and then there are Randall Knives.