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Pictured is a 1980 Gerber Mark II w/satin blade, Serial # 098936. This knife has been pre-owned but I rate this knife to be in excellent + to near mint condition. The knife has not been used, sharpened and does not appear to have been carried. The paint on the handle is all intact and perfect. The blade is in MINT Condition with no scratches or spots. The all-leather sheath is also in near mint condition with only a very few slight marks near the throat when the knife was inserted into the sheath a few times but is was not stored in the sheath. The box is proper to the knife with the foam insert and the proper serial number as shown in the 3rd. picture. These late 1980’s knives with the leather sheaths are getting very hard to find as Gerber moved to an all Corduar sheath.

Gerber first started making the Mark II back in 1967 and discontinued the original line of Mark II’s in the mid to late 1990’s. Just recently they resumed making the Mark II under a modified design of the original. Keep in mind that the older Mark II knives are becoming very collectable by both US and Foreign investors and this is definitely collector grade.


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