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Pictured is a Custom Leather Sheath for a USAF Survival/Pilots Knife. We just received a very few of these from our custom knife maker, made specifically for the USAF Survival/Pilots Knife. These sheaths are made of high quality leather to our specifications fitted exactly to the knife. Riveted and stitched with high quality nylon thread. These sheaths should last as long as the knife and we think that is just the way they should be made.  If you can find a better made sheath then these, we sure would be interested in knowing – 11/24/2018  NOTE: We will be receiving in a limited quantity of these sheaths within the next few weeks. Based on that and the demand, we are going to add them to inventory even thought they will not ship our immediately. In this manner you are sure you will get one as long as they show in inventory, just be advised it will not ship until they arrive at our shop


  1. John Taylor (verified owner)

    I purchased this sheath for my OKC 499, which I use on my primitive backpacking trips. The stock sheath that came with my knife is really stupendously horrible, diplomatically speaking. They actually have rivets that scrape and rest against the blade. I couldn’t throw that thang away fast enough! This sheath, on the other hand, is exceptional! My knife fits perfectly and I really couldn’t be happier. The stitching is very well done. I tried to find something to critique about it, but it was a lost cause. I especially love how the retention strap was done. The design was very well thought out. I’m impressed! I added a light coat of Pure Neatsfoot Oil to darken it up a bit. I’m happy, my knife’s happy, and everything’s right with the universe.
    Thanks for selling a great product!

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