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Pictured is an much older ( WWII) and a near mint scope for a M1-Garand rifle.  The condition is near mint and the serial number as pictured is extremely low. These were military issue for the M1
D Garand rifle and all in US construction all original, coms with original storage canvas case. Glass and cross hairs are in mint condition.  A great scope to add to a US M1D rifle that was not issued with the rifle obtained or no longer works properly.  This scope ( M84 ) does no look like it was ever mounted to the rifle.  As noted is an original M84 scope with serial number 11623, very early manufacture and as stated near mint condition for a US Military issue scope. Hard to find one in this condition and this early in manufacturing as most were field issued and put to work.  If you need to bring your near mint M1D up to complete issue equipped you might want to take look!  Very Nice not only the telescope (M84) but the canvas sheath is also in mint condition.  This scope has been properly safe stored for many yeasrs


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