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Pictured are custom made heavy leather sheaths for the US Ka Bar Knife. These sheaths are made to the same high quality standards that were incorporated into the Chris Reeve Pacific sheaths and are specially designed and made for us by V. Peloza. The sheaths are made much like the old Randall (Johnson Rough Back) sheath with premium grade leather, brass rivets, mill spec snaps (canteen type snap for cross-over fastener) and plenty of Para cord for tied down requirements. These sheaths are offered with a stone pouch (pouch does include sharpening stone).

Here is your opportunity to upgrade or just change out the issued sheath that came with your knife for a very well made and highly durable product alternative.

For those that want a quality designed leather sheath, that is mission ready, and is deserving to be paired up with the USAF Pilot Survival or Ka-bar knife, then we think we may have what you want.  AF Pilot Survival Sheaths will be offered at a later date.  NOTE: Knife not included in purchase of a sheath.

08/31/2019 – NOTE:  – Due to our supplier all their custom made sheaths will be discontinued hand made knives will be discontinued for up to a year due to moving to a new locations please be advised that impacts ALL knife sheaths


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