RATS (Gen 2) Tourniquet


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Unfortunately our world can present us many security and survival challenges and it can happen just a few mile from home! Now days we have to be prepared both inside and outside our homes.  In this day and age, we all need to be prepared to take care of ourselves as help may or may not be just a few minutes away, and even a  few minutes may be too long.   We all need to be properly prepared to take care of emergency situation ourselves weather it be self protection or the ability to render first aid to such degree to be able to save a life if we can. We believe everyone should carry a quality tourniquet with them at all times, while considered  somewhat of a dramatic way to control bleeding, it may be the only option you have to save a life under sever bleeding circumstances. The ReadyMan Company ( US Veteran Owned Company) makes the RATS ( Gen 2) Tourniquet. Comes with operation instructions and bright colors to locate quickly in you pack and if applied. If you have a “Go Bag” or a first aid kit, you need to ensure it is equipped with a good tourniquet. This product as required by our products selection criteria is made the USA and has received great reviews.  Take a close look at your security and survival plans and make sure you are prepared to protect you family.  When you order please note the color you wantPrice Quoted is for ONE Tourniquet



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