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Just received from Randall Made Knifes is this Randall Model #2 – 7″ fighting stiletto knife. Knife is MINT never inserted in the sheath. Comes with A type sheath with stone. Blade is Carbon Steel, with a brass double hilt,  duralumin butt cap and stacked leather handle.  Standard Randall model 2 configuration which  the company has made for many years, comes with original butcher paper wrap (not pictured)   If you are familiar with Randall made knives, they were the original founders of hand make knives all manufactured in the USA. Uncompromised  quality and craftsmanship go into every Randall knife. Whatever your intended use, Randall knives are one of the best knives in the world and continue to appreciate in value and demand. Current wait time for a Randall knife is close to 5 years. Here is your opportunity to completely move ahead of the line.  The Randall #2-7″ is one of Randall’s popular knives, used by many service men and women as well as LEO’s and tactical minded individuals. With a changing world we now live in, many of us feel the need to be prepared to “fend for themselves” Demanding Times require the best and  many have trusted their lives to Randall made knives. NOTE: We only have one of these model  #2-7″ knives in stock and am not sure when we will see another.


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