Randall #8/4″ ( Bird & Trout ) Stag Knife


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Pictured is a Vintage Randall #8/4 ” ( Carbon Steel  )  Bird and Trout Knife. This knife was ordered by us back in 1993 and delivered to the shop in 1994. The box and all packing is included.  The knife blade still retains the Randall coating, and the knife itself has never been placed into the Randall sheath. The Model 8 comes  with Sambar  stag handle and the brass butt plate was an added feature to match the hilt.  Not shown is the care instruction sheet which will be provide but was accidentally not included in the photo’s.  This knife is in MINT condition, never used, carried or sharpened. It has been locked away and I must admit forgotten about for all this time. In checking our inventory we found this long forgotten about knife.  Here is the write up Randall has to say about this knife:

4″ blade of 3/16″ stock.  Top cutting edge sharpened approximately 2 inches. 4 3/8″-5/8″ stag handle. Brass hilt. Especially suitable for small fish and feathered game. Historical note: Francis G. Powers, U-2 pilot, was carrying a model 8 when he was shot down over Russia in May, 1960.

Randall order wait time is now in excess of 5 years, here is your chance remove any doubt on what and when you will get you knife.