Randall #18 (Attack-Survival) – 1968-1970’s – Knife


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We sure do not see these around in this condition, an original Randall #18 Attack-Survival 7 1/2″ carbon steel knife. This knife according to the sheath and pommel was made during the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. The sheath has the brass rivets dating to that era, and the brass cap was introduced about that time when Randall changes from the crutch tip pommel. This knife has never been used and was not stored in the sheath as the blade is carbon steel and still retains its factory edge; remaining  in mint condition. The film seen in the pictures it the protective coating placed on the blade. The sheath throat shows no signs that the knife ever spent much if any time in the sheath. the sheath is properly marked, and comes with the proper laces / hold down cords. Stone is also in Mint unused condition. A real rarity to find one like this that has not seen any use and was properly cared for. Most of these knives ordered were sent to those serving in the Military and were put to there intended use. The Pommel cap has the initials HPF dot engraved in the brass, fortunately it is not a deep engraving and could easily be polished out.


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