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I have just secured both Fenix and now NEBO Flashlights as being some of the best you may need and use. While we are now direct distributors we are testing with our people with some of the ones we tested and found worthy of excellent use. This Nebo Inspector RC is quite small and thin in design. Developed in the USA but again, made in China. While we are not excited about adding items made in China, we believe what we are presenting is some, if not the best in overall design and application as we have found. You are the ultimate judge.  This Inspector RC is very easy to use, work great with an outstanding quality of produced light, and we found a + with a standard re-chargeable battery.  Leave it in the flashlight and charge it just like you charge your Cellphone, Wow what a nice flashlight that can be charged in your car, off a cell phone charger, etc. Carries a rechargeable AAA battery and maintains, High, low and strobe options. A must for our security team that helps us decided if the items are proper and acceptable to all types of service. Should handle the Good, Bad and the Ugly!  If we did not think this is a proper Asset regardless of where it was produced we would not have listed it.  High 360, Low 120, Strobe 360 – lumens.  If you are not carrying a highly/well produced and designed flashlight with proper output, we say it is Rickie-Tic time to get one.  NOTE: Catalog not included but if you really need one and help on others NEBO Flashlights just ask or call us.


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