Ka-Bar #1220 ( US Army ) Knife W/Custom Sheath


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Pictured is a New In Box Ka-Bar #1220 (US Army) Knife. The Ka-Bar Army / USMC Knife is famous around the world for the US main issued fighting / Utility Knife. The history and reputation surrounding this knife is more than any of the others and still one of the most carried and relied upon knives in the world. We have decided to feature these USA made knives on our site as they are by far one of the best around field knives available and for the cost you just cannot go wrong with a Ka-Bar, check out the forums and reviews on this knife and you will find few that don’t like the Ka-Bar Knife.  Now with that said, we sure do NOT approve of the sheath, Made of leather in Mexico, we believe that is a direct insult to such a great knife with such a stellar reputation, so the sheath is free to you with the purchase of the knife.  We have, however matched the knife to one of our custom high quality leather sheaths that we have offered on our site for years. Sheath is made of heavy leather, sewn with nylon thread, and riveted, comes with sharpening stone in pouch. This sheath is a tribute to the knife and with modest care will last as long as the knife.

Over the years we have offered the custom leather sheath on our site as a replacement. We have now decided, based on customer demand, to match both a new knife with the upgraded sheath. Once you buy this set-up your should have a combination that will last you a lifetime and then some. At HAO we feel a great knife deserves a great sheath, and now you can have both. You Marines, that cannot stand to have a US Army marked knife, just wait, we are working on obtaining some USMC marked Ka-Bar knives.  All made in the USA as it should be.  A knife and sheath you can rely on for life, we would not expect any less.  The Custom sheath offered as a replacement, is made to the Ka-Bar exact specifications so it fits like it should.  For the sheath made in Mexico, give it to your dog, so he does not go after the custom one!!


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