Gerber Touche – #7266 – Hunting Dog – Knife


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Pictured is a Gerber Touche #7266 ( Bass ) Belt Buckle Knife.  These were top of the line Gerber Touche knives with a Brass Scrimshaw  overlay and hardwood inlays. This set in brand new, never used, carried or sharpened.  These Gerber Touche Knives ( long since been discontinued) are getting extremely hard to find. At one time we had as many as 10-12 featured on our sites, and over the last 10-12 month we have been totally sold out. We were fortunate to obtain 4 NIB ones to  add  back in inventory that is worthy to command a spot on our site. Prior to that we have not found one single Touche that we could offer for sale. One of the most sought after Gerber Collectables.  Time and numerous demand for these knives have made it hard to find ones NIB that have not been used or taken proper care of. We have definitely found that of all the High end Paul Gerber era knives we try to obtain, the Gerber Touche is the hardest to find and the most sought after.  Note: the Touche Is one of a Scrimshawed Hunting Dog even though the box states Bass, somewhere the wrong Touche entered the wrong box, must have been the dog on the hunt!



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