Gerber Touche #7213 – ( Trout ) Knife


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Pictured is a Gerber Touche #7213 ( Trout ) Belt Buckle Knife. Knife is features a scrimed picture of Jumping Trout on a Solid Brass Buckle. The set has never been used, or the blade sharpened, shows no signs of carry or wear.  The box is NOT Correct It is 7276 ( Eagle) but it definitely is a Gerber Touche Belt Buckle knife, must have been a mismatch somewhere .  Comes with the proper insert which are found under the red insert. These Gerber Touche Knives ( long since been discontinued) are getting extremely hard to find. At one time we had as many as 10-12 featured on our sites, and over the last 8-12, since then we have only a very few.  This is the first  of 4 we just acquired  that are worthy to command a spot on our site.  Many we find are in used/poor condition and the mint / unused ones are not surfacing within the market place.  This Touche is top of the Gerber  Touche line with a all brass buckle & scrimshawed overlay. NOTE: The plastic sleeve that covers the box is cracked on one side, this is not uncommon as they have a tendency to become brittle over the years.


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