Gerber – Silver Trident (Single Serrations) – Without Markings – 103 knife


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We have just acquired this extremely RARE Version of the Gerber Silver Trident Knife. These Knifes were made by Gerber in 4 versions. With one and two serrations and with and without blade logo. This model has the single serrations only with NO BLADE MARKINGS. Gerber omitted the blade markings on its very first production run, after that the blades were marked as shown in the other Silver Trident we have for sale, these are near impossible to find new in box & in MINT Condition, and are the Rarest of the Rare when it comes to the Silver Trident Series, – Single Serration & No Blade Markings.

These knives were first introduced by Gerber in 2002 and have since been discontinued. The Silver Trident was designed by William Harsey Jr., and Chief James Watson, a founding member of SEAL Team 2. The Silver Trident has the most durable and comfortable handle of any combat knife ever produced. Made by co-molding two different versions of Hytrel, the handle has a nearly indestructible hard inner core featuring a stainless steel butt cap suitable for hammering or pounding in emergency situations. The Silver Trident has an aggressive clip point blade made from 154CM stainless steel. Blades are heat treated to 59-61RC. This provides the best edge holding ability while maintaining flexibility and strength. The blade is blackened to reduce glare and corrosion .

Made in the USA. This knife has never been used, sharpened or carried (NIB) – It remains in the same condition it was in when shipped from the factory – DEAD MINT.

  • OAL – 11.22”
  • Blade Length – 6.18”
  • Blade Thickness – .25”
  • Weight – 17.40 Oz.


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