Gerber – ( NIB) Basic Multi-Function (BMF) W/Sawteeth – #05928 – Knife


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Just found a few days ago is one of  Gerber’s most outstanding fixed bladed knives, the Gerber Basic Multi Function Survival System BMF knife.  This knife #05928 features a 9″ blade with Sawteeth. These were made by Gerber many years ago and were discontinued in the 1990’s. Serial Number is 056667 – Made In The USA!  Finding them new in box total unused and in MINT condition can be very hard to find as most were put to use as intended.  What you are looking at is a MINT knife!  NO issues, no damage, no use and not properly cared for as the special finish provided by Gerber is unique and can easily result in finish loss if not properly cared for and stored.  The knife comes with the proper sheath, paperwork and box as shipped from Gerber.  If you are looking for one that is perfect in condition then here you go.


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