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Listed is a very late Made original Gerber Mark II Model # 5700.   The serial number N3006S indicated is was one of the very last models produced probably in 1999 as in 2000 only special Mark II’s were produced as special editions and not a customer in box model like shown. This knife is NIB and has never been used, the sheath has the Bianchi clips in the back and according the knives serial number this is an older sheath but then again, many times as knives were being discontinues they pulled out all remaining stock and if this has lost is way and was stored it may have been found and added to the ” last out the door” items to be added to the last of the new knives being produced.  The sheath is new and the ties at the bottom of the sheath are not knotted which indicates the knife was probably not issued. The box is also correct and in near MINT condition which is also surprising because in the later production of all Gerber knives, the boxes became very flimsy and light in production making them easy to come apart or ding up. This is really a nice set up, the knife, sheath and box are all in MINT condition never used or carried. Not pictured is the original paperwork that was issued with each new knife and that paper will be included.  Extremely MINT knife,  being one of the last to be made by Gerber as an original Gerber Mark II knife


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