Gerber Mark II ( Gray Handled) – 1977 NIB Knife


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Just received is this outstanding all original and MINT late 1977 Gray Handled Gerber Mark II. Wow, we sure do not find these much anymore.  The knife and sheath 100% new, never used, never inserted into the sheath and MINT. Hard to say much more as you rarely find a knife, any knife made in 1977 and it has never been used period.  Knife was one of the last to be still feature the gray handle as shortly after that all Gerber Mark II knives featured the new all Black Handle. Knife is serial # 060303. Box comes with knife only issue is that is features a different serial number.  Not sure why that happened but the box alone is of high value as most were thrown away. The sheath is proper and features the removal of the GI Belt Holder, a move Gerber made as they tried to down-play Military issue or use. If you are really looking for one that looks like it just came from the factory then here it is, ( except for the box serial #)  NOTE: This is the last year of the gray handled Gerber Mark II and the removal of the GI wire handled sheath.


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