Gerber Mark II Dive Knife Sheath Rubber Keeper Strap


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We know there may be a few of you out there that have a yellow handled Gerber Mark II Dive Knife and the sheath rubber keeper strap has deteriorated  or broken.  We ran into the same problem with some knives that were in great condition but the top keeper strap on the sheath was shot. In a effort to put back in service some really nice collectable knives and restore the sheath to near perfect condition, we had some replacements made for us. These  sheath keepers are an exact replica and cannot be singled out from an original. We took an old original Gerber Dive Sheath Keeper and worked with an engineer to find the exact same type and thickness rubber, the same type and size rivets and washers and made replacement keepers. These are exact size, thickness and contour. Keepers are all lazer cut so the edges and uniformity are perfect. As stated you could not tell them from an original Gerber issue.  Installation can be done by placing the rivets through the sheath and cutting to proper size. Place the washer over the exposed rivet end and peen  down with a hammer. If you want us to install you will have to send us your sheath, and add $20 to cover installation and return shipping.  Great item to clean up a dive sheath or add a keeper as some sheaths came with no keeper.


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