Gerber Mark II ( Black Blade ) – NIB – # N34919S – Knife


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Just received a unique and relatively rarely made Gerber Mark II all black blade knife.  This is an older knife and not one currently made that also now carries a black blade.  This is a Gerber Mark II w serial #N1933s indicated it was made in the very late 1980 or maybe early 1990 and after that no more were made   This knife was made back when Gerber was noted for their tactical knives and they were some of the best available. The knife has never been used, carried or sharpened, it remains in MINT condition to include the proper all Black Cordura Sheath and original properly marked box.    No comparison in quality of Manufacturing and steel quality of the older ones Made by Pete Gerber’s staff, the Old ones were the best. Most of the Gerber Mark II knives featured an all satin stainless steel blade, few were made all black.  NOTE: Comes with Bianchi sheath clips, indicating this could be an earlier Mag as the Bianchi’s were later disregarded and only sheath belt loop clips were included.  In addition the snap button painted surface is 100% in tact and complete a close evaluation of how these were kept or maybe handled as the finish of the top of the buttons wear quickly if not properly kept.


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