Gerber Mark II ( 70th Anniversary ) – 08 CHO / GLB -(60 MADE )- KNIFE


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This by far is one of the rarest knives we have been able to obtain. New in Box with the original shipping box is a Gerber Mark II 70th Anniversary knife with all paperwork and never, never used. I doubt except for the pictures that the knife was ever removed from the box. There is no serial number on the knife which makes is rare as it was for Gerber employees only, not serial numbered and stamped with the following unique info. O8 CHO GLB. Info on that is as follows : There are 60 un-serialized knives that are simply marked “08CHO” over “GLB”. These 60 blades were made with the Serial Number  & “GLB” for sale at the 2008 NRA show and the 2008 Blade Show. The GLB marking is an abbreviation for “Gerber Legendary Blades” Those for sale were serial numbered.  This is one out of 60 known to be made. Not sure how many are still available but this one is like it just came from the factory, the wood box, and paperwork is all 100% original.  This by far based on its markings is one of the most rare ( relatively currently ) Knife.  This is the only one we have ever seen and I believe it was bought from a Gerber employee about 9 + years ago.


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