Gerber Mark II ( 1980 / #089635 ) W/Steel – ( MINT) – Knife


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Just received it this gorgeous, 1980’s Made Original Gerber Mark II knife with original sharpening steel included.  The knife, sheath and steel are all original condition and still in Mint condition.  The sheath is a great item to look at and inspect to ensure it remains in proper condition and it has as we can find no scars to use or improper maintenance. The Gerber Mark II blade shows some cloudy finish which is renaissance wax which has been added to the blasé to insure no rust or corrosion.  This is the top of the line when is comes to ensuring the blade is as produced and shipped.  The knife comes complete with proper box, paperwork and storage – 40 years old as it was made in 1980.  The steel was a special $ add to the sheath and was added by Gerber.  All USA made which is a strong plus for knives like this that are no longer made in the USA.  Its is all there and complete, we will leave the coating on the blade which can be removed by using, ( Paint thinner, lighter fluid, Etc. but do not place that fluid on the handle.  A great investment if interested placing you hands on a new one made 40 years ago, a real hard item to find all complete and never put to use


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