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Been awhile since we were able to add many Mint Gerber Mark II knives with a gray handle issued during the war. #038481.   Here we go!! A dead MINT 1974 Gerber Mark II knife with proper sheath. Now what we received was a knife that shows that is not only was never used, it was correct in perfect condition.  Blade has a white sediment which is Renaissance  wax the best of the best to retain the blade as issues.  This knife is complete except for the box and paperwork . The sheath has a rick dark satin finish that looks al original when it was made and prepared.  If it was a blem than you would see other damage due to improper storage or care.  The rest of the knife to include spots that can be impacted quickly ( button snap, leather texture and color and the significance of the blade tell you how well the knife was kept.  You will find no issues mentioned that could show up if improperly stored.  The knife includes the correct leather laces on top and on the bottom, snap is 100% perfect, Blade and gray handle also dead mint.  If you are looking for a MINT one, it would be hard to define this otherwise, as we try hare to find the finest ones properly stored and kept unused over years of it was made – 46 years old as of today.  Are you ready to keep it as the same quality that is was born?  Not cheap but almost impossible to find in this condition.  If you wait we understand but FYI we have considerably dropped in ability to find these in this condition.


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