Gerber Mark II – ( 1970 – 1972 ) Mint Leather Sheath


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Don’t see this very often, but we are listing a very hard to find and ultimately rare, MINT – Gerber Mark II All Leather – slim line – 1970-1972 Sheath.  This an early version and not an anniversary made sheath.  The sheath, well taken care of and stored, shows some darkness around the black button and a very few small spots on the leather that is a result of age and original production. The Belt carry metal is also in mint condition with no signs of rust.    We checked the knife entry into and the sheath and not one scratch or entry marks that usually are made from the insertion of the knife into the sheath.  The slim line model sheaths were made early in the Mfg. of the Mark II knife and in early 1973 they were discontinues and the wide wasp version was introduced.  If you need an early one on a 1970-72 produced Mark II, this one is ultimately extremely hard to beat.


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