Gerber Mark I (#092252) Knife – NIB – ( Still Sealed!)


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Well we rarely see this but we just found a NIB – Gerber Mark I that still has the plastic wrap completely sealing the box closed. The Serial number on this one is 092252 and from the color of the box I would date this back to the mid 1970’s as the black box was used after the green/white box and before the orange and white. I doubt you will find many in this condition, still sealed.  We did have one much like this a few months ago and we decided to open it just to ensure the blade condition was still 100% and in fact it was. Prior to our acquiring this knife as well as after it has been kept in a climate controlled environment so the condition should be 100% as was the one we opened to check and has since sold.  Truly a rarity to find one that has survived the temptation to at least remove the plastic wrap.  When said NIB this takes it the highest level.  Gerber Mark I’s are a great investment and I would think there are few that measure up to this pristine example.  Gerber made the Mark I knife from 1976-1994 and has since been discontinued.


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