Gerber – ( Harsey) Titanium / AirFrame – (#05858) – Sample Knife


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Gerber stared to produce an all Titanium Airframe / Harsey  Knife back in the late 1990, they were to make them in a totally plain and partial serrated blade – #05850 in fine edge. They made a few that were shipped to dealers only and few were ever released for sale, Why?  – Well Gerber decided that is cost to much to make and it took to much time so only a few hundred were made. In addition, and not known by many was that they produced a few small samples to share with employees and decision makers within Gerber to get their response. From what we can tell very few of the sample knives were made, this on in fact was purchased from a close friend and knife collector who stated, that this knife ” was one that Pete Gerber had in his personal collection” while we do not have documentation to prove this, we know the collector and he is dead on with facts and highly trusted to provide true and credible facts about Gerber as we have obtained credible and 100% factual information from him in the past. This sample knife is in MINT condition with no signs of any use, or carry and the blade remains in factory original condition.  Great to add to your collection of the fully size Titanium AirFrame if you were fortunate to find one.


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