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This sheath is a early / vintage all leather sheath for a Guardian II knife. The Guardian II were made from 1981-85 and since discontinued. What you have to look for close is a Guardian II knife marked with a Gerber Guardian II sheath. In some case these were so closely designed to fit either a Mark II or the intended Guardian II some damaged or lost were either way traded or used by a Mark II sheath or the later a Mark II in a Guardian Sheath. This is an original all leather Guardian II sheath.  You rarely find them sold without a knife but in this situation a Mark II can with this sheath so we had to change it out to make the knives sheath correct to the knife. Nice option was the Mark II was NOT stored in the sheath that is why it looks mint, the painted snap is perfect and the sheath mount shows no scrapes which usually is the results of used or sheath where people stored their knives. This one is perfect and in many years the only sheath without the correct knife in MINT condition we have ever received!


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