Gerber Guardian ( Camouflage ) Knife Set #5897


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We have a very rare full set of Gerber Guardian Knives in a wood box Model #5897.   Manufactured by Gerber from 1981–1986 these 3 knives were placed in a wood box with steel (No Serial Number)  and thebottom of the box loaded with all the proper camo sheaths issued + all black leather sheaths that were designed for the Guardian Loveless series.  The set we have here is MINT, MINT & Mint. The knives have never been used and remain Perfect with steel added. The bottom of the box with the proper sheaths for each knife and never used, as stated the camo made Guardian knives did not have issued additional camo sheaths that could be used in a more concealed manner, this series included those sheaths. – Wow rarely do you find these in this condition; the wood box as well remains in Mint condition as well with no damage.   You just do not find these listed for sale anymore.  This one has no issues what so ever.  If you are a collector of Gerber’s this is  a very hard one to find, but the one most rare is what you see.  The camouflage series like pictured is a hard to find in this condition as most were either used or not properly cared for which we find each year as time seems to take its toll on may things that get passed or sold off, sometimes to the wrong care takers.


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