Gerber Guardian #5801 ( Rare Serrated) Knife


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We know Gerber made many versions of knives that never were put into full production or were catalog item. This is one of those special runs that no one from Gerber can explain other that it must have been a “special order”. Pictured is a Standard Gerber Guardian Boot knife #5801 ( R.W. Loveless) edition with one side of the blade fully serrated. In close examination of the knife the serrations are so perfect that aftermarket alterations to the blade is not likely as any grinding of the blade would destroy the overall finish. This feature was factory produced but we have been unable to find the customer or supplier that Gerber made it for. The knife is mint with proper early leather sheath all paperwork inserts  and marked blade. Serial #E9356S.  A very unique piece and from what info I did obtain less than 10 of these knives were produced.


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