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This is the second one of these we have been fortunate enough to acquire, and a new arrival  – We know these existed but have seen very few. The Gerber Folding Sportsman I (FSI) with Engraved Elk scene is a real rare Folding Sportsman.

Made by Gerber in 1991 only, it features brass bolsters and a scrimshawed scene of two Bull Elk. This rare FSI is In Near MINT condition with no signs of any use or carry and definitely was not sharpened.  The only little issue I see with this knife is some very small pin head size indentions in the bone plastic near the bolster on the reverse scene side. Not sure if it came like this from the factory or if it was related to the way it was stored in the sheath but based on the overall condition of the knife is was not due to use or carry. Comes with proper Gerber marked sheath. The blade open and lock up on this Knife is tight, further evidence of no use. If you have been searching for a real nice piece, here is your opportunity to pick-up a real hard one to find


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