Gerber Mark II (Rare – A.J Russell Issued) / XX4913 Cats-Tongue – Knife


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Pictured is an original Gerber Mark II knife made by Gerber in 1986 and very similar to the Anniversary Model made that year but the blade is totally unmarked and the serial number starts with an XX (#XX4913).  OK here is what has happened. Gerber made a limited amount of Anniversary models but when done they had a few extras that then ended up selling to A.J. Russell Company. They accommodated A.J Russell by serial numbering the limited number they ended up selling with the XX. Hence a completely unique Gerber Mark II / No Blade markings, and A – 5% Canted Blade. According to the documentation there were only 5000 made total, less were Anniversary blade marked, so bottom line, few were made and sold by A.J Russell.  This knife has never been used and remains in MINT / Factory issued. Comes with proper sheath for the knife / Not Leather, again this was a special decision / order for A.J Russell.  Handle is “Cats-Tongue” similar to an original 1967 Gerber Mark II.


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