Gerber Command II ( W/Steel) Knife


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We just acquired this very nice Gerber Command II (w/steel) knife. Gerber manufactured the Command II knife from 1980-85.  They were made similar in design to the Gerber Mark II but featured a single edge with the top tip of the blade serrated. The is an early version with serial #004280.  The sheath is proper to the knife and features the optional Gerber marked sharpening steel. The sheath is in Mint, unused Condition.  There is one  diagonal line down the bottom front part of the steel pouch showing  a slight indention in the leather,  but not sure if this was man / storage made or is just part of the natural leather uniqueness.  The Command II knife handle shows no signs of any paint loss and is in mint condition.  The knife blade except for some ever so slight small scratches near the tip of the blade remains in unused condition.  It appears someone at some time just could not resist the temptation to run the tip of the blade across the sharpening steel, not a uncommon occurrence.  The knife in total in in excellent + to near Mint condition and appears to have never been carried or used as the blade retains its factory edge. With a relatively low number of these knifes being manufactured, they are becoming harder to find then the Gerber Mark II’s.  NOTE: If the scratches on the blade are a concern they could easily be removed with some light sanding with 600 paper.


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