Gerber Command II (Black Blade) Knife


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Just listed is a Gerber Command II knife with leather sheath and blackened blade. The early ones with the Leather Sheath and blacked blades were made from 1982-86 and since have been discontinued. Extremely hard to find the black bladed ones as many were used or not properly stored and the blackened blade finish was compromised and you ended up with many that had wear spots or a loss of the full black color. In addition many were put to use as intended.  later in the early 1990’s they knives were fit to a corduar sheath. Serial number on this one is #A7723S.  This knife has never been used, retaining its original issue color and no loss of paint from the handle. Blade edge has never been sharpened. Sheath also is correct and appears the knife has not been stored in the sheath. Just a couple of dings in the leather that happened during storage, otherwise all is in MINT condition as is most of our products. It is always our desire to list the original, Mint knives that established a high quality that is hard to argue.  If you are looking for a rare one in all black that has the early all leather sheath, here it is!


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