Gerber Clip-Lock ( Prototype ) #05301 Knife


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Pictured is a very unique and rare Gerber Clip -Lock Knife. Knife is 1 of less than 10 made and documented in the letter shown. Knife was modified by having the handle grip-area sprayed with a stainless steel spray-welding process that deposited 400 series stainless steel onto the handle.  This material when it is applied is so hot it fuses into the surface of the handle creating non-slip grip that is permanently attached to the handle of the knife. There were less than 10 of these knives built with this type of coating applied to the handle. The process and modification noted was never put into production because of the added cost to apply this finish.  The documentation that will accompany the knife was written by prior Marketing Manager for Gerber from 1968 – 2002. He also acted as the Gerber Historian for over 10 years.  This was not an aftermarket alteration, this was a Gerber Initiated prototype.   This is the real deal.  I personally know this individual and his participated in many conversations with him during his career with Gerber


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