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Pictured is a Vintage Gerber Trout & Bird Knife. These were produced by Gerber as part of the Armordide handle series starting in 1969 – 1970. They have since been discontinued. I would estimate this one to be made in the late to early 1980’s as the sheath is reminesent of the earlier knives that features the redish brown color, the later Trout & Bird knives were fitted with a much darker brown leather sheath. This knife appears to be unused as both the blade and handle show no indications of use or wear. The blade is free of any stains or scratches and the armordide handle remains in perfect condition. leather sheath which is properly marked to the knife is in excellent condition with a few age spots and minor stains probably more from storage. Stitching remains tight. A very nice early Trout & Bird in unused condition.



  1. Raul Troche

    I have one that I received as a gift, and it is perfect for what it is made to do. It is in great shape except that recently a little bit of the black coating on the handle came off at the front on the churl.

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