Fenix PD36 ( 1000 Lumens) Flashlight


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Well we have had to make a change with USA made products. We have used Fenix flashlights for years and found them to be one of the best / outstanding hand held flashlights made totally functional to the point of improving security. The one we love the best is the PD35. It maxes out at 1000 lumens but also provided an intense strobe light which is a security must. We focus on security and if not a CCW or unable to carry ,then add in a good strobe flashlight.  In a bad situation the strobe will de-compress any advanced attack for enough time for you to get out or re-adjust survival.  That is most important as flashlights are usually not controlled to carry.  Other than that it is a great light to use with easily button pushed to intensify or de-intensify your light.  The button on the back does it all and it is easy to operate which is a must.  This means is allows you to move from low to high intensity  ( 1000 Lumens Max) as well as use the strobe.  It used 2 CR123A Batteries which we have included to make it easy to put this into action. Stay prepared and on Guard!  Now we have looked for small all metal lights for years and found some really good ones and some well, not so good. We sell in the top of the top quality and I must admit from all the initial usage to include fire depts. and police, that really like this light, this over time is one of the best we found, the down side is that they are made in China but designed and controlled in the USA. OK we can’t eliminate one of the best we found. We are a dealer right now so we can get others if needed but the one listed is one of the best all purpose lights we found in the Fenix Inventory and bottom line the individual themselves and what they need are most important. That is all..

NOTE: There are many that sell these flashlights to include Ebay, but most will not come with batteries.  This requires you to find batteries and buy them before you can put your flashlight in service. We do not believe this is the correct strategy so based on our desire to fit the best with the best we have also researched the top CR123A Batteries and they are included – Surefire – Great  Batteries.  So you can hook up and be prepared once you get what you buy.


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