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Custom Leather Sheath for Busse Skinny Ash Knife

Jerry Busse and the Busse Knife Company is infamous in the industry for making some if not the toughest knives in the world. The knife destruction test proves that the techniques he uses and the steel is unsurpassed in its ability to stand up to incredible abuse. If you are an owner of a Busse Knife you know they usually do not come with a sheath.

While there are numerous sheath makers that have sheaths for various Busse knives, we feel we also have an option. We have a Busse Skinny Ash in the shop and decided to have our custom sheath maker, along with our design specification, make a sheath, custom fit to our Skinny Ash knife.

What you see above is our finished product. Similar in design to our other custom sheaths, it is built from the highest quality leather and all hand fit to the knife. If you are looking for a very high quality sheath that fits the quality and toughness of the Busse Skinny Ash then I think we may have what you are looking for. Supplies are limited as we are trying to determine if we have a market for our product.  NOTE: This is “One of a Kind” and will no longer be made.


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