Colt 9mm / 32rd. ( AR Rifle) Magazine


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Listed is quite a find, a new still sealed in a plastic sleeve, is an original Colt made and properly marked, 32 round/9mm magazine for an AR or LARS semi auto rifle. This is actually and original Colt made magazine to be totally functional used by a AR-15 rifle design but built to accept 9mm.  This magazine is as stated all original, still 100% sealed in plastic, all metal mag with plastic fowler. These were made by Colt some time ago and since have been discontinued. There are many still out there for use by the AR-9 or LARS Rock Island 9mm’s but few found that are marked and made by COLT.  Magazine is marked 9mm SS and also 10/20/32 marking on the other side to note capacity of ammo available.  NOTE Magazine base is marked COLT as stated, 9mm NATO with the famous Pony!


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