Busse – Swamp Rat ( INFI – Ratweiler) Knife


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Just received from the Busse Combat Knife Company is this new, never used, carried or sharpened, – Busse ( Swamp Rat ) Ratweiler Knife. Knife comes complete with properly marked blade sleeve and all packing.  Blade is all black with matching Black Canvas Handle Scales. This knife features Busse’s famous INFI Steel blade. If you are familiar with the Busse Combat Knife company then I do not need to explain in detail the quality and famous reputation these knives have.  If you are new to the Busse line of knives they you will experience one of the finest knifes companies there is.  The INFI steel is some if not the toughest steel in the industry and maintains a stealer reputation for it overall toughness.  Once Busse Knives produces a knife they only make so many and they move on to the next design, this is a one of a kind for us so once it sells we will not be getting more in stock.  We are offering this knife as received with no sheath.


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