BlackJack Stag- Loveless – Warner – BJ-250 (NIB) Knife


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Listed is true Gem from the Effingham made BlackJack knives. What you see is an original Blackjack knife made to called the Warner / Loveless Knife. The knife is actually made in Seki Japan by the famous knife maker K. Hara.  BlackJack knifes featured as their model BJ-250 ; limiting the run to 250 max, more like around 100 when the project was all said and done.  This knife in #22. Pictures of the knife show the all the key info concerning this knife, made in Seki-Japan by Hara,  Loveless-Warner By BlackJack  022.  By the serial number is think that there were only 100 made.  The details as to the knife as published in the original release documentation by BlackJack knives is as follows:

“This Year’s custom project was also proposed by Ken Warner. In the mid-60’s R. W. Loveless, working in Lawndale CA, was in mid-passage between his early Delaware made knives and the classics that burst on the knife world about 1970. He was experimenting with high-tech steels that had yet to be used in knife making, and making knives with various types. In 1968 he gave Ken Warner the knife Warner used for 20 years as his elk knife.  This sturdy clipped utility/hunter is unmistakably Loveless, but different from his now classic and standard patterns.  It is an honor that we at BlackJack have been given permission to re-create Warner’s Loveless knife. We gave this project to our trusted custom maker Kougi (changed to Koji after this written) Hara in Japan.  The finished knife is magnificent.  It retains all the subtleties of Loveless’ work.  The original Loveless sheath has been duplicated stitch for stitch.  Construction is full hidden tang just like the original.  We chose high-tech ATS-34 hardened and triple tempered to 60RC for our blade.  The stylized half guard is nickel silver and the handle is premium Sambar Stag crown, shaped exactly like the original.  This 1990 custom will be available in limited number from April forward.”

Trying to find one of these on the open market is near impossible, checking with Ebay they are rarely seen and trying to find inventory of this knife anywhere is near impossible, This one is in DEAD MINT condition, the sheath, the box  everything is MINT, never used, sharpened, carried and I doubt that the knife was ever inserted into the sheath.



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