BenchMark ( Sharpee Utility W/ Hawkeye Blade) Prototype Knife


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We have just had the opportunity to obtain some discontinued BenchMark Knifes. Company was in business for many years here in the USA but is now closed at least for making any knives here. What you see is an extremely rare knife called the  BenchMark Sharpee Utility Feathermate Knife with Hawkeye Blade. Knife cones  with 440 stainless steel Drop Point blade. A real special design effort on this knife and little known by many is that the Zytel made scales on the knife can be unscrewed and inside is found 2 diamond steel sharpening plates, one on the right is 600 grit and the one on the left is 320 grit.  Wow what a great idea if you are afield and need to hone up the blade, that’s  if you have a screwdriver. The sheath is all cordura and in perfect unused condition as is the knife. NO issues what so ever on the is item. How many  were made? From what we can tell in doing some research this was a prototype and only/about 20 were made. Very nice knife well built. in Mint/Unused condition and designed for heavy field use or a collector item for those who loved BenchMark Knives, for sure they are quality USA produced.


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