Bark River Trakker – G10 – Ranger Green – Limited Edition – NIB Knife


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Pictured is a new arrival – Bark River Trakker with Ranger Green  G-10  Scales. We just received this some time ago but it was buried with other knives we have and forgot to list. Now these are discontinued by Bark River and this one has never been removed for the box until now to  take pictures, the stuff you seen on the blade is just dust that found the heavy oil coating that was initially added to protect the blade and done by Bark River we never touched anything, just stored it properly. Leather Sheath is also correct issue by Bark River.  This one is a 2015 limited edition models are a little larger than the 2014 version, this Tracker packs even more punch and is even more useful in the field. From chopping kindling to batoning (this version does not have a sawback which hinders batoning) to scraping to skinning and cutting this tried and true design can do just about anything. As close to a Dave Beck custom as you will find from a production company at a fraction of the price and without a two year wait. Specifications are as follows:  This is an extremely Rare one that has never been used or even placed in the sheath.  New &  NEW.  We have no more left and check ebay, the black handled ones, not limited edition and used are selling for $450.00 +,  so there you go!

  • Overall Length: 13.1″
  • Blade Length: 7.5″
  • A2 Tool Steel
  • Blade Thickness: .265″
  • Weight: 22.775 ounces
  • Full exposed tang
  • Leather carry sheath included


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