Apache Rescue Co. – Apache Rescue / Flare Gun


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Just received is a Vintage Apache Rescue / Flare Gun. There guns were made back in the 1960’s as a quick and reliable Rescue/Flare Gun. This gun is NIB never used and comes with 3 Apache Rescue flares.  The flares attach to the front of the gun and the back has a cocking pull rod to cock the gun and then pull the trigger to fire. Apache Rescue Co. has either been sold, closed its doors or is now under another name.  We are not sure of what happened but few if any of there are available and complete.  Was listed on Ebay for a few weeks but they decided that is was not a proper item to sell under their many rules and guidelines.  Due to the flares the shipping is more as it must be shipped UPS or FedEx ground.  The flares are also almost impossible to find, and I do not think they are currently made.  NOTE: We do have extra Flares for the Apache Rescue / Flare Gun if interested and they will mostly likely be listed on our site soon.


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