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We recently bought a large collection of Gerber Mark II knives, and are in the process of adding these to our site. The knife that you are now reading about is an extraordinary piece of Vietnam History. The knife and accompanying 50+ pages of documentation and pictures (knife is pictured as well to establish legitimacy) tell the story of this Special Forces warrior, his missions, schooling, awards, etc. While I say the documentation tells the story, it is not just a written account of his life in the military. The documentation includes copies of his orders, personnel records, diplomas, citations, awards, recommendation for act of valor and pictures. I have never seen such a package like this to include his original carried Gerber Mark II knife and the copies of his Military Issued documents and Special Forces Breast Patch.

General Military Career Overview:

Sgt Karl E. Brugman  joined the Army in 1972 and was mustered out in 2003 spending approximately 33 years in the Military, SGT. MAJ. Brugman Received over 30 awards and decorations from the Army Special Forces, to include the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and the Legion of Merit. He served in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Germany and England. His basic MOS was Com Operator but was proficient as a sniper, demolition expert, diver, CHODAN, 1st Degree Black Belt, and Airborne Qualified. Pictures provided are all original with the exception of one that is a photo print of one of his teams. One picture of team to include Sgt Karle E. Brugman includes Parker, a team member that went on to be the advisor to the movie “Three Kings”.

All documentation will be provided to the buyer along with his Gerber Mark II knife and sheath, all original as we received it from the estate of the family. Due the historic value of this knife and the documentation we will under NO circumstances sell this outside of the USA period so please do not ask or try to proxy buy. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this knife and all documentation will be donated to a Vietnam soldiers’ support fund in Sgt. Brugman’s honor.

NOTE: Pictures of documentation are a sample of what you will receive with the purchase as there was too much to include each and every page in this listing. (The buyer will receive ALL documentation, knife and SF breast patch.) Breast patch features silver bullion thread and is very well made, appears to be original as it came with the entire package, knife, documentation and SF patch

1970 Gerber Mark II Knife Description:

  • Gerber Mark II – 1970 (Serial # 015957)
  • Blade – Very light sharpening, still retains its factory edge, no spots or staining or rust
  • Handle – Gray – Appears to have been repainted some time ago – This is not a recent repainting
  • Pommel / Hilt – Appears to have been repainted some time ago – This is not a recent repainting
  • Sheath – Correct to the knife, shows use and carry and modified with addition of a keeper strap to hold the knife handle closer to the body. This is documented on the back of a picture showing K.B. wearing the knife and the need to retain the handle from catching on gear. All stitching intact and tight.

Summary: This is an outstanding piece of Vietnam History from the estate of a true warrior that honorably served for over 33 years. You do not find many in country Gerber Mark II knives, let along one with such rich and well documented history of the soldier. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you may have or to obtain more details.


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